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Loan Angel for Individuals:

We look over your mortgage loan process from start to finish. Whether you are purchasing or refinancing. No matter what lender you have chosen or not chosen yet.
We analyze the loan being offered and will let you know whether you are getting the best terms available for what you qualify for.

There is no cost and the process takes minutes over the phone.

NO SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS are ever needed and NO FEES are ever charged.

Call 833-LOANANGEL (833-562-6264) and have an Angel looking over you to make sure you are getting the best loan.

Loan Angel for Realtors:

Make sure that your clients are getting the best loan out there.

Have an Angel looking over your client’s mortgage from the start. The service is FREE to everyone and it will just be one more service that you can offer your clients to insure they are being taken care of in the best possible way.

What To Expect


We are with you every step of the way.


We determine if you are getting the best offer available.


We are available 7 Days a Week from 8AM to 8PM PST.

Why We Exist

Mortgage quotes and loan estimates and loan disclosures can be very confusing especially when you are trying to compare one loan to another to find out which is a better deal for YOU.

  • Is an interest rate of 2.75% with a 2.97% APR better than a rate of 2.875% with a 2.89% APR?
  • Is it better to pay more fees to get a lower rate or get a slightly higher rate and pay little to no fees?
  • Advertisements are so confusing and they all come across as if they have the best rate out there. Ever look or listen to the fine print? Do you have a 740 or better score, AND is your Loan to Value under 60%, AND is your loan amount $400,000 or more?

Every person trying to get a loan has their own situation (credit score, loan amount, income, loan to value) and all of these play a role in determining what the person will qualify for.

What if you had your own “Loan Angel” to look over you and help in determining what is best for you? What if this came at NO COST?
That is exactly what we do.
Call Today 1-833-LOANANGEL or 1-833-562-6264

We look over your mortgage loan process from start to finish.

Lenders talk in their jargon.  Ever notice, many only talk about what your payment is going to be?  They do not focus on rates and fees (real fees) and DETAILS of the loan being offered.  Many don’t even offer you better options for your particular needs.


A LOAN ANGEL is here to help you through every step of the way for FREE. No catches, no gimmicks, no restrictions… just there to help you get the best mortgage loan and have the smoothest transaction no matter who the lender is. This is available whether you are purchasing or refinancing.


We usually save clients from hundreds to thousands of dollars.


Call 1-833-LOANANGEL or 1-833-562-6264

and have an Angel looking over you to make sure you are getting the best loan.


Most evaluations only take a few minutes, but we also don’t rush you. If you have a lot of questions, fire away and take your time. We are here for you.